Michael Stephens
Front End Developer
Sean Conner
Creative Director
Jonas Amoss
Director of Production
Rainer Ziehm
Managing Partner
Andrew Mark
Director of Animation
Carl Zealer
Managing Partner
Sara Santillan
Associate Producer
Chavilah Bennett
Art Director
Kali Zermeno
Studio Manager
Shaun Bosworth
Chief Branding Officer
Lexi White
3D Artist
Scott Ulliman
Art Director
Karl Fekete
Art Director
Nate Reese
Creative Director
Omar Noory
Product Manager
Tina May
Finance Director
Tam Luu
Project Manager
Tom Hoying
James Gartland
Front End Developer
Nick Sanderson
Lead Developer
Anthony Rodriguez
Product Specialist
David Luu
Product Specialist

About SLG

Super Lame Games (SLG) was founded on the unique premise of combining timeless and trending novelty toys and cutting-edge mobile app integration with a legacy of innovative sales techniques. SLG is more than just an alliance of vertically integrated companies, it’s a group of talented people trying to make a positive impact on the toy world with a shared view. SLG is an organization that is unified by a singular purpose: reaching the most customers worldwide through entertainment and engagement via products cooperating with mobile devices.


We believe the best products are those made by passionate, driven, and happy creators. Our roots as artists and designers, our passion for games and interactive media, and our foundation of talented people enable us to create handcrafted slices of mobile fun that anyone can enjoy.


1239 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43201

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