Roman Atwood and crew have FINALLY decided to get real jobs – the only problem is where they’ve been hired!
Deadly booby traps, devious machinery, and ruthless contraptions clutter the floors of your new office.
How far can you climb up the corporate ladder before the lethal reality of business claims another victim?

Ready to get to work?
Thanks to our fans, Smile Inc was downloaded 1 million times in the first 24 hours, with 2 million downloads in 48 hours!

Smile Inc. quickly became the #1 mobile game in the world!
(both on iOS and Android)
GoSumos are remote-controlled stickers you can play with on your device. Stick ‘em anywhere, then bring them to life through the magic of augmented reality! Every GoSumos Sticker can be scanned through the GoSumos App, bringing the picture on the sticker to life. Summon a vicious shark from the virtual nether realm and control its movement in the real world – or, conjure a robot to walk around on your desk! With over 18 different stickers to summon and control, GoSumos unleashes your virtual imagination into the space around you!
Grab yours today and prepare for a whole new world of control – GoSumos is here!

GoSumos Stickers are available now at retailers nationwide.
Including Toys "R" Us and Walmart.

You can buy GoSumos AR remote-controlled stickers
(AR-Sea, Grobots, Smile Inc) from 
and download the app for iOS or Android for free!
With a set of Bright Bugs and the companion app, you can make magic happen! Throw the light into your phone, bounce it around, then throw it back to your hand! Astound your friends!

You can buy the Smile More Bright Bugz Collector's Tote from
and download the app for iOS or Android for free!
And get ready to glow your mind!
Your friends will freak for Kreepie Krawlies! Use the amazing Augmented Reality illusion to grab their attention, then sneak the included bug toy onto their hand for maximum scares!

You can buy the Smile More Kreepie Krawlies Collector's Tin with all you need to prank your friends,
including a set 3 of different Krawlies (spider, cockroach, scorpion) from
and download the app for iOS or Android for free!
Ready to spin? Pick your favorite Spinja and enjoy some high-speed battling action! Scan your physical Spinja toys into the app to unlock awesome outfits, then play against friends with wireless multiplayer!
The pests are attacking! Save your delicious comrades with sprinkle guns, cherry bombs, and more! Play the first chapter now on your iOS device.
Casual bear-cleaning action! Use your finger to wipe the mud from Mr. Bear. Dress him up in cool outfits, then share your creations with your friends!
Create your own holographic kitten! Watch it magicially hover above your phone with your Holobeam, and use your touch screen to feed, play with, and love your very own furry friend!

About SLG

Super Lame Games (SLG) was founded on the unique premise of combining timeless and trending novelty toys and cutting-edge mobile app integration with a legacy of innovative sales techniques. SLG is more than just an alliance of vertically integrated companies, it’s a group of talented people trying to make a positive impact on the toy world with a shared view. SLG is an organization that is unified by a singular purpose: reaching the most customers worldwide through entertainment and engagement via products cooperating with mobile devices.


We believe the best products are those made by passionate, driven, and happy creators. Our roots as artists and designers, our passion for games and interactive media, and our foundation of talented people enable us to create handcrafted slices of mobile fun that anyone can enjoy.

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1239 N. High St.
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